A Fear the ‘Fro – It’s Cavalier Pod Crossover (with Mack Perry)

Fear the ‘Fro returns with a special guest… Mack Perry of the “It’s Cavalier Pod”.  Bob Schmidt, of Fox Sports Radio, and Mack discuss their feelings on the current state of the Cavs, discuss how blame is attributed for Cavalier shortcomings, the rotation issues that await when the Cavs get healthy, and then they dive into some Simmons-esque hypotheticals about Kyle Kuzma and the woeful Wizards.  

(0:00) Intro
(8:43) Is JB to blame for the Cavs doing less with more, and more with less?  
(13:04) What do we do with CPJ and Merrill when DG and Mobley are back?
(18:28) Mack’s Storyline Of The Season 
(26:51) What Happens To Allen When Darius and Evan Come Back
(29:21) OG to Knicks reaction and the butterfly effect (if you listened to last pod, skip to next chapter)
(33:09) Are the Knicks preparing cap space for Mitchell in 2025-26?
(36:43) Mack and Bob Shop Kyle Kuzma Around The League

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