A Fear the ‘Fro Thanksgiving: Cavs get hosed by the refs vs. PHX, Sexton’s future with the squad, The RISE OF OSMAN (Episode #20)

Bob Schmidt, of Fox Sports Radio, brings you a Thanksgiving day edition of the Fear the ‘Fro podcast.  We recap a truly horribly officiated loss where Devin Booker lit up the Cavs, while talking about the things we can be thankful for, including Jarrett Allen’s all-star level play, aggressive Darius Garland taking control of the team, Cedi Osman’s incredible leap as the bench sparkplug, Kevin Love being a veteran leader, and soon to return Evan Mobley, the best rookie in the 2021-22 class.  Bob then discusses why Sexton’s injury doesn’t substantially change anything regarding his future payday, and why we should feel fortunate the Cavs aren’t in the shoes of the Nuggets.  Finally we look ahead to the gauntlet of contenders the Cavs will face prior to December 8th.

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