Bring On The Orlando Magic! (with Jonathan Osborne of the Sixth Man Show Podcast )

Fear the ‘Fro returns to talk Cavs at 25% of the season in the books.  Bob talks JB’s future and his doubts that an in-season change makes sense.  The Cavs have some fun statistical achievements in this early portion of the schedule.  Then Jonathan Osborne, of the Sixth Man Podcast, joins to discuss the Cavs next opponent, the Orlando Magic.  Is Franz heating up?  Cole Anthony and Mo Wagner are leading an improved bench attack.  What should the Magic fear in their matchups with Cleveland?

(0:00) Intro and JB job security talk
(11:35) State of the Cavs 25% as told by the numbers
(18:03) Jonathan Osborne, of the Sixth Man Show, joins Bob to talk Magic

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