Cavs NBA Draft Deep Dive (with Cooper Klein of “Upside Swings”)

Bob Schmidt, of the Fear the ‘Fro pod, and Cooper Klein, of Upside Swings: An NBA Draft Podcast, take a deep dive into prospects who may be of interest to the Cavs.  We get into all the big names, and the best approaches the Cavs should take.  So if you like talking prospects in painful detail, you’ll love this pod.

(0:00) Intro
(4:50) Cooper’s Perspective On This Draft Class As A Whole
(8:36) The “Big Wings”: Furphy vs. Da Silva vs. George
(15:15) Tristan Da Silva vs. Johnny Furphy (Polish vs. Potential)
(18:14) Ron Holland: An “Upside Swing” worth taking
(22:43) The “4/5” guys: Holmes vs. Tyler Smith
(30:14) “Conventional” Centers: Ware, Missi, Edey, Bona
(35:36) Kyle Filipowski: An Ideal Running Mate For Mobley?
(43:14) Jaylon Tyson and Bub Carrington: The Future Backcourt Hedges

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