Cavs: The French Edition (with Spencer Davies)

Viva la France!  Fear the ‘Fro is back on the eve of a midday showdown with the Brooklyn Nets in Paris.  Bob Schmidt ,of Fox Sports Radio, is joined by Spencer Davies to talk about the Cavs and the race for seeding in the Eastern Conference.  We touch on the positive developments with Jarrett Allen and the three point shooters, the glut of competitors in the 4 through 9 seeds, the officiating grievances of the Toronto Raptors, and then Bob cuts Spencer loose, before slandering Draymond Green’s return to the NBA.

(0:00) Intro
(1:05) Spin’s Perspective On The Cavs Recent Run Of Success
(13:35) The Eastern Conference Glut
(25:42) Are There Beneficial Playoff Opponents For The Cavs?
(26:22) Gun To Your Head, Breakup the Bigs Or The Guards First?
(30:56) Raptors Coach Goes In On The NBA Officials
(39:29) Spin Leaves, And Bob Discusses Draymond Green’s Return To The NBA

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