Cavs vs. Pels, All-NBA Defensive Team, Mobley’s Future (with special guest, Shamit Dua)

Bob Schmidt, of the Fear the ‘Fro pod is back with Shamit Dua, author of the “In the N.O.” substack, and Pelicans analyst.  We dive into the state of the Cavaliers and Pelicans, parallel existences (Herb and Okoro), and discuss the possibilities our franchises’ futures intersect.  Then we jump into predictions surrounding the All-NBA Defensive Team, and revisit the 2021 NBA Draft.

(0:00) Cavs vs. Pelicans Primer- Point Zion, Trey Murphy Streaking
(9:56) Herb vs. Okoro parallels, and Herb’s bargain deal
(16:22) Shamit’s View Of The Dual Big Cavs Lineup
(22:00) Is Mobley Opening Offer A Rookie Max?
(29:12) Bob and Shamit Predict All-NBA Defensive Teams
(38:09) Bob Fires Up The Isaac Okoro Propaganda Machine
(39:33) Revisiting the 2021 NBA Draft:  Who Does Herb and Trey Go Before?
(44:05) Shamit Wants To Murder A Giraffe In Cold Blood (Paraphrasing)
(47:57) Shamit Asks Bob What He’d Do With Pelicans This Summer
(53:20) The Pelicans And The Lakers Pick Conveyance 
(55:25) Ideal Playoff Opponent: The Timberwolves
(56:34) Shamit Predicts Cavs Lose 

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