Fear the ‘Fro: Cavs destroy Bucks, All-Star Reserve Debate, Kevin Love’s Transformation (Episode #27)

Fear the ‘Fro is back with Bob Schmidt, following the Cavs 30th win of the season. Can the Cavs chase down 1st place before all-star break?  Where do Garland and Allen line up amongst the 7 reserve spots? Kevin Love appeared on JJ Redick’s podcast and Bob discusses his transformation into his elite 6th man form. What should the Cavs do with the Rubio injury exception and the trade deadline approaching?  Is Kyrie driving Harden out of Brooklyn?

(0:00) Cavs destroy the Bucks and the bench unit is thriving
(12:22) Handicapping the All-Star Reserves Debate in the Eastern Conference
(16:42) Kevin Love’s transformation season
(19:07) Kevin Love’s appearance on JJ Redick’s “Old Man and the Three” Podcast
(23:55) This brand of Cavs basketball rewrites the narrative on the franchise competence
(26:55) Ricky Rubio’s Disabled Player Exception
(30:37) Harden wants out, is Kyrie to blame?

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