Fear the ‘Fro: Cavs win a fifth straight, Isaac Okoro the corner sniper, and the Grizzlies twitter guy comes for Cavs fans (Episode #23)

Bob Schmidt, the voice of Fox Sports Radio, is back with another episode following the Cavs defeat of the hopeless Houston Rockets.  Isaac Okoro has become Mr. Double Digits, as this 5-game stretch has seen him average nearly 70% from the floor.  Is it sustainable?  Where does this put the Cavs in terms of potential roster moves now and in the future?  Bob examines the luxury of balanced depth (the present Cavs) vs. superstar out (Lebron) construction, and takes issue with the Memphis Grizzlies’ twitter guy/girl making a run at the Cavs.

(0:00) Cavs blow out the Rockets, winning their 5th straight
(5:17) The luxury of 2022 Cavs vs. the superstar out construction of the “Lebron Cavs”
(9:37) The patience of the Cavs front office is paying dividends
(14:14) Are we looking at a repeat of the Larry Nance Jr. trade with Kevin Love next year
(16:40) Isaac Okoro is playing his best basketball, and his corner threes have heated up
(22:17) The perimeter shooting of the Cavs bench, and Dean Wade stays ready
(25:24) Rockets’ Coach Silas leaves the game with dehydration
(26:05) Memphis Grizzlies trolling Cavs twitter

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