Fear the ‘Fro: Isaac Okoro and the Trade Rumors, The Cavs Trample the Bulls, The Schedule Lightens (Episode #22)

Bob Schmidt, lifelong Cavs fan and the voice of Fox Sports Radio, talks the Cavs domination of the shorthanded Chicago Bulls.  Evan Mobley continues to impress with a 5 block performance, the schedule gets easier, and the trade talks are heating up.  Some Cavs fans are eager for an upgrade at SG.  Should Isaac Okoro be shopped?  What would it take to be a player in the Levert/CJ/Dame market?  Is it even wise?  All that and more on this episode.

(0:00) Evan Mobley and the Cavs cruise to victory over the shorthanded Bulls
(9:18) Should the Cavs get into the trade market for Levert or others?
(21:14) Why the next Cavs trade can’t be viewed as a short-term fix

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