Fear the ‘Fro: Jarrett Allen is Perfect, Mobley impresses in debut, and Sexton’s Extension talks (Episode #14)

Cavs basketball is back!  Ja Morant torches the Cavs, but there is a ton to be optimistic about. Jarrett Allen goes 11/11 from the floor, Evan Mobley stuffs the stat sheet, Osman looks solid, and Garland puts together a good second half.  Bob Schmidt, of Fox Sports Radio, recaps it all, and discusses Collin Sexton’s stalled extension talks, and why Cavs fans should not be worried.  Plus, other observations from around the NBA.

(2:32) Jarrett Allen’s incredible opening night showing
(4:11) Evan Mobley stuffs the stat sheet in his debut
(6:05) Cavs fight back in the 3rd, only to lose it in the 4th
(6:45) Lauri Markkanen debuts as the starting SF
(7:22) Sexton’s lack of extension should not worry Cavs fans
(14:06) Lauri’s role on the Cavs this season, and if he’s the answer at SF
(16:58) Did Game 1 raise your expecations?
(17:43) Observations from across the league (Jonas, NAW, KPJ, Poole, Giannis, Barnes, Larry)

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