Fear the ‘Fro: Mobley out 2-4 weeks, Osman and Rubio go off, Mobley vs. Barnes, Iggy loves Kyrie (Episode #19)

Bob Schmidt, of Fox Sports Radio is back, still reeling from news of Mobley’s elbow sprain.  We discuss the good and bad of what we’ve learned about the Cavs during this Boston back-to-back and what lies ahead as the Cavs have four games in a row against teams with double digit wins (Nets, Warriors, Nets, and Suns).  Bob gets into Ricky Rubio’s increased usage, Cedi Osman’s rebound from a dismal 2020, Mobley vs. Barnes for Rookie of the Year, and Andre Iguodala’s love affair with Kyrie Irving.  The toughest stretch of the season begins now.

(0:27) Breaking down the Celtics back-to-back lessons learned
(3:19) Evan Mobley’s injury highlights the need of lob threats to unleash Garland
(5:55) Ricky Rubio is leading the Cavs in fourth quarter scoring
(8:17) Osman having his most efficient season of his career
(10:22) Okoro’s offensive development has stalled
(12:45) Cavs defensive growth, and where they rank league wide
(14:25) Cavs upcoming schedule against Nets, Warriors, and Suns
(15:44) Evan Mobley and Scottie Barnes pulling away in the Rookie of the Year race
(21:49) Andre Iguodala has an unhealthy obsession with Kyrie Irving

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