Fear the ‘Fro: Sexton’s Value After 2021 Free Agency, Bledsoe to Clippers, Draymond Shifting Blame (Episode #3)

Bob Schmidt, the voice of Fox Sports Radio, and lifetime Cavs fan, deep dives into Collin Sexton market value.  Where does he ultimately land following extensions for Terry Rozier and Marcus Smart?  Bobby Marks reveals a favorable contract structure that kept Josh Hart in New Orleans.  Who is the big winner in the Eric Bledsoe trade? Finally, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant blame the Warriors front office for mismanaging the aftermath of the Kevin Durant argument.  

(0:52) – Collin Sexton’s extension talks following 2021 free agency
(2:04) – Chris Fedor reports Cavs resume discussions around Labor Day 
(3:12) – How Terry Rozier’s deal (4/$97 million) impacts/compares to Collin Sexton
(9:44) – Sexton is not making less money than Jarrett Allen
(10:30) – How Marcus Smart’s deal (4/$77mil) impacts/compares to Collin Sexton
(12:26) – Lonzo Ball and his 4 year/ $85 million deal 
(15:19) – Spencer Dinwiddie’s Wizards payday
(16:39) – Past Offseason’s Historical Precedents from 2020 and 2019
(18:16) – Collin Sexton’s magic number (a prediction)
(19:13) – The Cavs history of extending guys (Love, Nance, Allen, Osman)
(26:18) – Josh Hart’s tradeable Contract with the Pelicans
(28:12) – Eric Bledsoe and his future with the LA Clippers
(33:31) – Worst Person in the World Update (Draymond Green)

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