Fear the ‘Fro: State of the Cavs after the west coast, Bridges vs. Ayton vs. Sexton, Early Season Surprises (Episode #17)

The Cavs have finished the west coast swing and there were some big highs and big lows.  What are the takeaways with nearly 10% of the season in the books?  Bob discusses the bench play, Evan Mobley being eased into his ascension into a primary option, Jarrett Allen’s high and lows, and then is joined by Adam Auslund (@followadama), the pre and post game voice of the Clippers for a discussion about the early season surprises for across the league.

(3:50) Free-throw attempts are down league wide.  Is this a good thing?
(7:17) Takeaway 1: The Cavs bench play is far improved
(11:00) Takeaway 2: Osman’s role and it’s importance
(13:43) Takeaway 3: Garland’s progress and the 3-guard rotation
(17:05) Takeaway 4: Evan Mobley’s ability to play through struggles
(18:43) Takeaway 5: Jarrett Allen’s highs and lows
(21:18) Adam Auslund, pre and post voice of the LA Clippers recaps the Cavs righteous thrashing of the Clippers
(23:50) Adam’s outsider impressions of the Cavs defense
(27:26) Bob is a grammatical buffoon
(29:38) Can the Cavs sustain their level of competitive effort?
(31:05) Ranking Miles Bridges vs. Deandre Ayton vs. Collin Sexton contracts
(40:03) The anti-vax players are all shooting atrocious
(44:22) The shooting league wide is awful, new Wilson balls to blame?
(46:40) Which of the early season Eastern conference success stories are bogus? 
(47:14) The Wizards new additions are playing great
(49:57) The Knicks offense is up, but is their defense slipping?
(52:05) Adam believes in the Chicago Bulls
(55:47) The Warriors are off to a fast start
(57:45) Ja Morant is leading the league in paint points
(1:02:14) Will the Timberwolves make a trade if they’re competitive without Simmons?
(1:04:25) Lakers’ fan reactions to Russell Westbrook’s start
(1:07:32) The Rookie of the Year early favorites
(1:15:49) What is the worst NBA players to name a podcast after?
(1:17:18) Richard Jefferson’s calls out a locker room attendant for looking at his genitals

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