Fear the ‘Fro: Tacko Fall joins the 7-footer club, Ben Simmons wants out in Philly, Rich Paul flexing (Episode #7)

Another episode of the Fear the ‘Fro podcast, with Bob Schmidt of Fox Sports Radio on this Labor Day!  Today, Bob covers the Cavs addition of Tacko Fall, and the Ben Simmons saga in Philadelphia.  Is Rich Paul doing right by his client? What rumors regarding Ben Simmons deals sound most realistic?

(0:41) – Cavs add Tacko Fall to the big man mix
(2:33) – Ben Simmons wants out of Philadelphia
(4:33) – Cavs proposals for Simmons built around Sexton
(6:00) – The problem with having multiple Klutch players, and Tyrese Maxey
(12:26) – Whose to blame for Ben Simmons’ struggles
(16:23) – Joel Embiid’s twitter comments on the Simmons’ saga
(19:38) – How the Sixers can handle Simmons’ demands
(21:37) – Ben Simmons trade packages that are most appealing

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