Fear the ‘Fro: The end of the Larry Nance Jr. era, the start of the reign of Markkanen (Episode #6)

Larry Nance Jr.’s time in Cleveland has ended.  We deep dive into the trade that sent Larry to Portland, and brought Finland’s pride and joy, Lauri Markkanen to the Cavs.  Bob Schmidt, of Fox Sports Radio, discusses Lauri’s fit alongside Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley, and well as why now was the time the Cavs chose to trade Larry.  The Cavs can learn from watching how the Bulls handled Lauri’s free agency, and Kevin Love appears to be in Cleveland for awhile longer.  

(1:14) The Cavs have moved Larry Nance Jr., Cleveland fans are upset 
(5:51) The 3-man balance of Allen, Mobley, and Markkanen
(8:43) “But Nance is better and cheaper than Markkanen!”
(10:25) Larry worked with the Cavs front office to make this trade happen
(11:45) Why Lauri was the option the Cavs pursued with the Larry trade chip
(14:45) Mobley’s job is to fill Larry’s void 
(15:45) Better to trade Larry sooner rather than later
(19:15) The trade was the only avenue to acquire guys with value in excess of the MLE
(20:37) Larry Nance Jr. wins in this trade
(21:51) The Bulls reap the rewards of a market devoid of cap space 
(23:35) The lessons the Cavs can learn from the Bulls
(26:05) Larry Nance Jr.’s letter to the fans
(26:55) Kevin Love buyout rumors and Bob’s outlook on his future

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