Fear the ‘Fro: Vegas Cavs Predictions, Iggy Excuses, Simmons and Wall Deal Difficulties (Episode #9)

Bob Schmidt, of Fox Sports Radio, opens the show with the most recent Adrian Wojnarowski tweets about Ben Simmons refusal to report to camp.  We discuss the difficulties of trades built around Ben Simmons and John Wall, and why the Cavs need to be very certain in any trade that sends away their young players or draft assets.  Then Bob gets into Iggy’s appearance on The Breakfast Club, and the never ending excuses about Draymond’s suspension.  We talk about Mobley’s Road Trippin’ interview with RJ, Channing, and Allie Clifton, and finally we handicap the East and reconcile Bob’s playoff expectations with Vegas over/unders.

(0:15) – Ben Simmons informs Sixers he’s not showing up at camp
(6:32) – Cavs only get one swing at a massive star trade in this rebuild.
(9:45) – The difficulties Houston will face in moving John Wall
(14:38) – Evan Mobley’s appearance on Road Trippin’
(16:16) – Iggy is still making excuses for the 2016 Finals Loss with Charlamagne and The Breakfast Club
(19:06) – Kyrie Irving’s perception amongst fellow players
(22:37) – Vegas predictions for the Cavs 2021-22 Season

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