Knicks Cucked Us Again, Bring on the Celtics (with Jordan Zirm)

The Knicks cucked us.  The Celtics await.  Is the sky falling?  Can JB right the ship with Donny and Max out with injuries.  Bob Schmidt, of Fox Sports Radio, is joined by Jordan Zirm on this episode of Fear the ‘Fro.  Topics include:

(0:00) Knicks Loss Reaction
(5:49) Concerns Have Arisen Since All-Star Break
(10:50) The Two Big Conundrum – Jordan’s Take
(14:00) Bob Vents About Darius Evading Blame In Knicks Game
(19:36) The Cavs Backcourt
(24:14) JB’s Rigidity With Lineups
(34:33) Celtics Preview
(42:18) Jordan’s Prediction For How East Shakes Out 
(44:00) The 76ers Hypothetical
(49:40) Walt Frazier Throwing Strays At Okoro

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