PLAYOFF PREVIEW: Cavs vs Magic (with The Sixth Man Show’s Jonathan Osborne)

It’s a crossover episode of the Fear the ‘Fro podcast, as Jonathan Osborne joins Bob Schmidt, to break down the Cavaliers and Magic as we await Game 1.  We recap the season series, talk about the chances Jonathan Isaac starts and what that could change, talk some All-NBA defense, enemies of BOTH pods, and the keys to success for our Cavs and his Magic.

(0:00) Are The Magic Insulted The Cavs Wanted To Face Them?
(4:35) Jonathan Describes The Magic Season
(9:13) Jonathan Isaac Elevated To Starter?
(15:10) Non-Negotiables For The Magic
(19:15) All-NBA Discussion: Suggs/Allen/Paolo
(22:38) Magic Fanbase’s Least Favorite Media Critics
(28:47) The Next Steps For The Magic’s Ascent
(32:06) Paolo’s Matchup Success Vs. Cavs And How The Magic Will Guard The Cavs
(36:10) Games Cavs Fans Should Watch
(37:57) Over/Under First Technical Foul Recipient
(39:39) Final Thoughts On The Pros/Cons Of This Matchup For Each Team

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