Rejoice! Donny Gets Elusive First MSG Win As A Cavalier! (Also…Harden Trade with Adam Auslund)

The Cavaliers snap the skid.  With a skeleton crew, the good guys toppled the Knicks at MSG as they sprayed the backboards with diarrhea. Fear the ‘Fro reacts as Donovan Mitchell sets a record for the Cavs, Mobley has a big third quarter, and Cleveland remains undefeated on the road.  Then Bob Schmidt is joined by Adam Auslund, of the Clippers Radio Network, to discuss the James Harden trade, and a certain coworker at Fox Sports with a very public whoopsie while commenting on the Harden trade.

(0:00) Intro
(2:18) The Cavs win at MSG
(3:37) Randle’s awful night
(6:00) Jalen Brunson and the net grift rating
(9:41) Evan Mobley bounces back in the second half
(11:23) Donovan’s Start vs. Donovan’s Finish
(14:00) CPJ’s and Tristan Thompson’s Contributions
(15:27) Adam Auslund, host of the LA Clippers Radio Network, talks Harden trade
(24:59) Chris Broussard steps in it with a hard “R”
(30:25) Will the Cavs go furthur than the Clippers?

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