The Cavs are your 2023 Summer League Champions

Your Cleveland Cavaliers are the 2023 Summer League Champions!  Isaiah Mobley, playing like a man possessed, led the way as the Cavaliers dominated the Houston Rockets (again) and completed an undefeated 6-0 summer league showing.  Bob Schmidt, of Fox Sports Radio, breaks down all the prospects, how this impacts the regular season roster and rotations, and celebrates the Cavaliers developmental progress.

(0:00) – The Cavaliers are your 2023 Summer League Champion
(5:00) – Can Isaiah Mobley displace Dean Wade’s spot in the rotation
(13:47) – Emoni Bates talk
(17:44) – Craig Porter Jr talk
(21:07) – Sam Merrill talk
(23:10) – Isaiah Mobley’s MVP Revenge Tour
(27:24) – How many of these guys will play?
(31:15) – Are there any other roster changes coming? (Wood and Oubre talk)

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