The Definitive Cavalier Offseason Table Setter (with Keith Smith)

Fear the ‘Fro has mourned our fall for approximately two seconds, and now it is time to attack offseason narratives, most pressing of which is….. “THE SKY IS FALLING! DONOVAN WILL LEAVE US!  WE MUST TRADE HIM NOW!”  Bob Schmidt, of Fox Sports Radio, is joined by Keith Smith, the salary cap guru behind Spotrac, to discuss everything that await the Cavs this summer, from a very financially-centered perspective.  Thank you for an incredible 2023-24 season of pod listening, but now….. WE MOVE FORWARD.

(0:00) Introduction to Keith Smith
(4:30) First Order Of Business For The Cavs
(7:58) What Teams Can Make Cap Space for Donovan Mitchell?
(12:30) The Location vs. Contender Dynamic of Donovan Mitchell Suitors
(19:00) How To Handle The Mobley Extension Talks, And The Impact On The ‘Fro
(26:34) Keith’s Biggest Worry For The Cavs
(37:44) On The Financial Differences Between Jaylen Brown Deal And Donovan Deal
(46:09) How Will The Cavs Handle The Isaac Okoro Extension
(55:17) Lebron Using Cleveland As Leverage?
(59:10) On The Second Apron Rule Surrounding Aggregation Trades
(1:03:05) Keith’s Feelings On How The Punitive Apron Rules Will Be Received By Fans

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