The Mobley Progress, The Vendetta, and Some NBA Awards Talk

Fear the ‘Fro returns as Bob is back from his Superbowl journey to talk Cavs, as the winning streak that was snapped against Buddy Hield and the Sixers.  But with Mobley’s aggression on the rise, and Garland starting to impose his will on the game, the Cavaliers have set themselves up for a happy all-star break.  Then we Jarrett Allen’s ascent to the #2 spot in DPOY odds.  Do positionless All-NBA teams help or hurt the Cavaliers? Finally a listener submission for a new Enemy of the Pod.

(0:00) Bob Is Back (“The Vendetta” Set Up)
(6:15) The Cavs Fall To The Sixers, But Garland And Mobley Gaining Steam
(14:00) Jarrett Allen Makes A DPOY Odds Leap
(16:42) Donovan All-NBA 1st Team Case Helped Or Hurt By Positionless Ballots? 
(19:09) A New ENEMY OF THE POD???

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