The Trade Donovan Noise Has Begun (An Audio Rant)

Fear the ‘Fro returns for a Christmas week rant.  Darius Garland and Evan Mobley are out for several weeks, and of course, the “trade Donovan” stories have taken over.  Joe Vardon, Bill Simmons, Tim Bontemps….. all of them have ramped up the rumors & speculation.  Bob Schmidt, of Fox Sports Radio, addresses that along with the 2 victories the Cavs have compiled since the unfortunate news.

(1:20) Garland and Mobley lost to injuries
(4:42) “Trade Donny” bros are back
(13:13) Allen for Draymond Green?  WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?
(17:19) Cavs rip off 2 wins in a row.  Merrill, Okoro, and Dean shine.
(23:42) Isaac Okoro ramping up the facilitation and rebounds

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